SmartMatter develops bespoke infrastructures that optimise the distribution, metering and retail of water and electricity. Since its inception in 2018, SmartMatter has led with the belief that technology should increasingly become part of real estate’s core narrative, rather than something happening on the side of the industry. It’s how we have decided to embrace the future.

SmartMatter’s origins are a special combination of identifying alternative solutions and taking advantage of unique opportunities. SmartMatter’s sister company, Similan, was presented with a development opportunity that wasn’t financially viable. A feasibility study based on SmartMatter intervention, bad debt and the increased recoverability of utilities, projected the required yield on the investment. The result was a beautiful 400 unit development for Old Mutual in Boksburg. This led to a major installation at Evergreen in Noordhoek (PSG and Amdec’s retirement village) where SmartMatter is the preferred metering partner. These two significant items on our CV are what launched us into Utility Management stratosphere.

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